News / Award 2020 A'DESIGN AWARD IRON

Stack of Sensation
The design team adopts the modern and contemporary style, combined with abundant materials. Takes good advantage of the spatial configuration, great traffic flow, harmonious color combinations, and abundant functions in order to create a rational and sensual space. Intensifies the visual experience and creates a rich spatial tone in the space. The design team uses an exquisite and delicate space arrangement method, using the Art Deco style to create the space theme and constructing a rich and multilayer area for the clients.
Use proficient design techniques to merge with diversified materials, and they adopt exquisite and modern Art Deco style to perfectly interpret the space with both beauty and function. Due to the harmonious style and great traffic flow, the open public sphere connects the living room, dining room, and kitchen, forming a spacious and transparent pattern. Adopts geometric line elements to outline the space, accompanied by delicate material style, low-key, and restrained color choices. _2021.05.10